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3100 BCE – 1550 CE  


View the major civilizations that flourished in the ancient world. From Sumer, Egypt, and Assyria, to the Maya, Inca, and Aztec. Over 30 civilizations covering over 4,500 years. North Africa, Mesopotamia, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Did you know over 20 civilizations rose and fell during the Mayan empire? Including Babylonian, Roman and Persian!


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Timeline of Ancient Civilizations

Timeline of Ancient Egypt




This timeline is vibrant and durable. The lamination is thick. I'm excited to use it for instruction in my classroom as my students have a difficult time seeing ancient cultures unfold simultaneously. I've been looking for something like this for a long time!

Marlena on Nov 11, 2022


This was SO helpful in my Bible history class. I’ve never seen the ancient civilizations compared like this.

Mar 16, 2022





Timeline of Ancient Civilizations

SKU: 899270000014
    • 44" wide x 9.5" tall [111.7 cm x 24.1 cm]

These 3M Command Poster Hanging Strips are great for hanging our laminated timelines on the wall without damaging the surface.

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