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3000 BCE – 1 BCE


View over 170 pharaohs from Narmer to Cleopatra, along with other notable events during their reign.  Dynasties listed for context.  Did you know Cleopatra lived closer to the computer age than she did to the Great Pyramids!


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Timeline of Ancient Civilizations

Timeline of Ancient Egypt




Exactly what I wanted for a trip to Egypt! Timeline shows “Egyptian time” in dynasties, traditional time BC and AD, and historic events. Perfect size for travel.

Sharon on Oct 27, 2021



Timeline of Ancient Egypt

SKU: 899270000021
    • 44" wide x 9.5" tall [111.7 cm x 24.1 cm]

These 3M Command Poster Hanging Strips are great for hanging our laminated timelines on the wall without damaging the surface.

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