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Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Korean War with our detailed timeline poster. Covering the critical events, key figures, and major battles from the war's outbreak in 1950 to the armistice in 1953, this poster provides a vivid visual account of this significant conflict. Measuring 44 inches wide by 9.5 inches tall and laminated for durability, this poster is perfect for educational settings, history enthusiasts, and anyone interested in this pivotal chapter of the Cold War.


Key Topics Covered:


  • Background and Origins: The roots of the Korean conflict, including Japanese occupation and the division of Korea at the 38th parallel.
  • Outbreak of War: The invasion of South Korea by North Korean forces and the immediate international response.
  • Major Battles and Campaigns: Detailed accounts of significant military operations and battles, including the Pusan Perimeter, the Inchon Landing, and the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.
  • International Involvement: The role of the United Nations, the involvement of China and the Soviet Union, and the leadership of key figures like General Douglas MacArthur.
  • Armistice and Aftermath: The signing of the armistice in 1953, the creation of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), and the long-term impacts on North and South Korea.




  • Comprehensive Timeline: Detailed chronology that covers significant battles, political events, and influential figures throughout the Korean War.
  • High-Quality Visuals: Clear, concise descriptions provide an informative and visually appealing overview of the conflict.
  • Laminated for Durability: The poster is laminated to protect against spills, tears, and wear, ensuring it remains pristine for years of use.
  • Educational and Informative: Organized in a linear format, the timeline allows for easy understanding and tracking of events, with major milestones and turning points highlighted for emphasis.
  • Wide Scope: Covers the war's background, the major phases of the conflict, key military operations, and the political and social impacts on both Koreas and the world.




  • Enhanced Learning: Ideal for classrooms, the poster serves as a powerful visual aid to support lessons in history, political science, and social studies, helping students understand the complexity and significance of the Korean War.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: The laminated finish ensures the poster withstands frequent handling and remains in excellent condition over time, making it a reliable educational tool.
  • Engaging Visual Tool: The combination of text and visuals captivates and maintains interest, making the history of the Korean War accessible and engaging for all ages.
  • Comprehensive Reference: Offers a thorough overview of the war’s timeline, making it a valuable resource for students, teachers, historians, and anyone interested in the Korean War.
  • Decorative and Informative: Perfect for any history enthusiast’s collection, adding an educational and decorative touch to classrooms, libraries, offices, and homes.


Ideal for:


  • Classrooms: Enhance history lessons with a detailed visual tool that brings the events of the Korean War to life.
  • Libraries and Museums: Display in educational settings to inspire interest and deeper understanding of the Korean War.
  • Homes and Offices: Perfect for history enthusiasts, adding an educational and decorative element to any space.


Explore the history of the Korean War with this durable and beautifully designed timeline poster, offering a comprehensive view of the events, figures, and impacts that defined this significant conflict.

Timeline of the Korean War

SKU: 899270000007
    • 44" wide x 9.5" tall [111.7 cm x 24.1 cm]
    • Laminated for durability
    • Double weight matte paper
    • 3 mil laminate

These 3M Command Poster Hanging Strips are great for hanging our laminated timelines on the wall without damaging the surface.

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